About Us

MortgageForeclosureReport.com was created to help Americans protect the American dream through providing valuable information on the issues many Americans are facing today.  MortgageFloreclosureReport.com believes America is the greatest country in the world and want to help our fellow Americans continue to share its promises.  Therefore, the founders of MortgageForeclosureReport.com has compiled a team of individuals with specific skill sets to produce the best website with the best subject matter relevant to these issues. 

The founders and consultants have a multitude of skills in Finance, Accounting, Business, and Real Estate.  We are able to ensure the accuracy and content of our website with the skills acquired by our assembled team  through their extensive education and experience in the financial marketplace.  

Education: Our team members boast Masters in Accounting and Business Administration in addition to holding valued licenses required by their profession.  Our consultants are mortgage brokers, lawyers, and real estate agents with over 15 years of experience. 

Experience: Our team members have many years of experience in the financial world consulting with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  Through their experience they acquired a vast knowledge  for the financial marketplace.  

In addition to our corporate team members we recruited several successful entrepreneurs who obtained their knowledge of business and financial markets through first-hand experience in the workplace.  These professionals successfully operated investment companies focusing on real estate.   

The MortgageForeclosureReport.com team was compiled with individuals who excel in each of the areas discussed on our website.  They were motivated to contribute to our website and use their expertise to increase their fellow Americans comprehension on the issues we are all facing today.

MortgageForeclosureReport.com understands that the weakened economy and the excessive hardships facing families today makes it difficult for families to remain in their homes.  Many are turning to the Internet for answers, but the answers are not always located in one easy-to-find site.  MortgageForeclosureReport.com was conceived so that the average consumer does not have to search numerous venues of the Internet to find information. The website is meant to be informative and easy to navigate.  MortgageForeclosureReport.com was created to enable users to access a one-stop-shop for all their questions surrounding the Loan Modification ProcessShort Sale Process, Foreclosure Process, Bankruptcy Process, and Debt Consildation Process.

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