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Land of the Free

Everyone is concerned if we have hit the bottom of the housing market. They have become so obsessed with their home value and the marketplace they have lost sight of what is best for them, their family, and the country. Since the real estate market crashed we have experienced an increase of sales in the [...]

A Comprehensive Overview of Your Credit

An individual’s credit is one of the most complicated numbers to determine. The Fair Issac Corporation keeps how they truly determine an individuals credit score very secretive. They give an outline on how your score is determined, but…..

America On A Diet

The average American household’s debt is between $10,000 to $20,000. Please note that this does not account for their home mortgage. A continuing theme throughout the website is that we as Americans relied too much on debt and lived far beyond our means…

Ed McMahon Was He So Different?

In one of Ed McMahon’s last interviews he disclosed his frustrations of being forced to file for foreclosure over his $4.8M home. Ed McMahon was a Superstar who made multi-millions of dollars over the course of his career. However…

A Snapshot of the American Economy, Unemployment Rates, and Stock Market

Mortgage Foreclosure Report has been created with the intent to help Americans preserve the American dream. We at believe that America is the greatest country…

Buyer Beware (New Scams)

During hard times untrustworthy people seek to prosper off others misfortune. If you are a person who does not have a firm understanding of the credit crisis, the process to obtain a loan modification, or….