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We are not a sponsor for Red Cross and we are not personally collecting any money to help raise money for Disaster Relief Funds for Japan.  However, we are hoping by putting a banner at the top of the page it will help direct your to a place that can help victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.  If you do not donate to the Red Cross please donate to any charity for any amount of money. Anything really does help.

We realize it is hard times for everyone, however, when a disaster such as this happens in the World it makes you realize that everything can change in the blink of an eye.  Whether it is from good to bad or from bad to good.  The people of Japan lost their Mothers, Fathers, Children, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Friends, School Mates, Co-Workers in a matter of moments.  Yes, in America we are having tuff times but at least we still have the ability to laugh with our friends, hug our parents, kids, wives, and siblings.

Our happiness and current situation is all relative to where we are in the world.  We can shut our TVs and not read the papers and pretend that nothing is happen or we can follow every waking moment.  Neither which we think are great ideas.  We think us as a nation should be conscience of what is going on and try and help in some small way.  We know even after a major disaster the sun is going to rise and we as a race of human beings will continue with our daily lives.

To conclude, most of us have suffered from losing a loved one, a job, a house; but to lose it all at once can be paralyzing.  We may not have the ability to to solve the Japan crisis, but at least we can try and alleviate some of the pain for these poor poor people.


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